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What can Squeaky Lemon do for me?

Whether you’re a seasoned mobile professional or you’re only just starting out, Squeaky Lemon has a lot to offer. We find clients near you, help you build loyalty with them, handle payments and invoicing, and integrate you into a network of skilled at-home professionals. All this so that you can focus on the most important part: your job, and providing a great service to clients!

How do I partner with Squeaky Lemon?

It’s simple: just sign up with us, then there’s a few more quick steps which we will guide you through: sending us your ID and a few other documents, setting up your professional profile, and learning about how Squeaky Lemon works.

Does it cost anything to join Squeaky Lemon?

No! It doesn’t cost anything to partner with us, use our platform, or even close your Squeaky Lemon account. All we take is our sales and operations costs on each service you perform. When you’re sent job proposals, this costs will already have been deducted, so that you can see exactly how much you stand to earn from each job.

How will I be paid?

Being a mobile professional can mean chasing clients for payment—but not with Squeaky Lemon! As soon as clients book, we make sure they have enough money in their account for the service. The day after the appointment, the client is debited, and you get paid by bank transfer—you get to choose whether payments are weekly or monthly. Plus, we send you summaries of everything you’ve earned with Squeaky Lemon every month, trimester and year, to make your tax declarations easier.

What are the requirements to become a Squeaky Lemon partner?

To partner with Squeaky Lemon as an at-home cleaner, you must be able to work as self-employed in Australia: this includes Australian nationals and most residents with settled status or limited leave to remain. In addition, you should have at least one year of experience in cleaning, preferably cleaning private homes, and you’ll need to send us a clear Police check.

Are there any rules for Squeaky Lemon partners?

With Squeaky Lemon, you can work the way you want to: there’s no minimum number of jobs you need to perform, no set working hours, no exclusivity and no commitment. Nevertheless, there are a few things we ask you to do, to ensure that our partnership goes smoothly:
  • Respond to all of the job proposals we send you: if you can’t do a job, no problem! Please just let us know, so that we can pass it on to another professional and give the client a quick response.
  • Honour accepted proposals: when you accept a job proposal, you make a commitment to attend it. Please make sure to honour the appointment, and in case of an emergency, let us know as soon as possible
  • Build client loyalty: the Squeaky Lemon platform allows clients to rebook with you, and the more clients rebook, the more new proposals you’re sent. Make sure to work with returning clients on Squeaky Lemon, not privately, to increase your Squeaky Lemon reputation and get more jobs.
  • And finally, of course, provide your clients a high-quality service using professional equipment!
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